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Translating clinical research and innovative medical technologies into sustainable clinical practice is a simple concept, and yet, it remains an enigma to the medical provider who is doing a start-up in this rapidly evolving, cutting-edge area of medicine.  It is an area of medicine which has become known as Translational Medicine and combines disciplines, resources, expertise and techniques, in order to coalesce the assets from “bench to bedside” to improve the global healthcare system as well as the delivery of the system significantly.

Education of both health care professionals and patients is key to the success of these emerging specialties, such as Functional or Regenerative Medical practice, in the medical marketplace. These efforts are towards health care industry commercialization and eventual insurance reimbursement.

Challenges in an ever changing regulatory approval climate and the vehicles therin, such as FDA Guidelines, IRBs, INDs, RMATs and Clinical Trials required, can be a baffling barrier of entry for the clinical provider and biotechnology manufacturing laboratories as well.

For this reason, system dependent initiatives, presented and custom tailored by DISTINCTIVE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LCC can be implemented as an indispensable solution to entering the age of this new medicine as a medical provider or as a technology developer, scientist or laboratory.


Full Services for

Regenerative Medicine Industry

Consulting includes technical, business & FDA Compliance advising to Regenerative Medicine laboratories and their distributors and healthcare providers as well as first to market Key Opinion Leader outsourcing and bio-engineering solution technology integration to include Translational and Regenerative Medicine practice implementation and procedure training.  Also, included is associate documentary film production of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapies with Global Science Productions.

Services include Global Medical Business offerings bringing first to market innovative medical technologies and devices to the medical marketplace, including placement and training. Scope includes Translational and Regenerative Medical Practice & Regenerative Cell Science implementation, medical business solutions & marketing, business process enhancement and medical tourism. FDA compliance digital marketing consulting includes website content editing and writing for multimedia marketing in partnership with cutting-edge medical illustrator/graphic and web designer and award winning documentarian producer.

Other innovations represented include industrial as well as medical technology and defense applications of revolutionary first to market technologies.

Dr. Patricia Murray Suzuki, QME

Dr. Patricia Murray Suzuki an accomplished medical business leader, founder, and CEO of DISTINCTIVE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LLC, and was formerly Chairman of Advisory Board of Arborvitae Biologics.

As innovator & Business Strategist Dr. Suzuki assesses needs and identifies paths to tailor healthcare business solutions for medical practices and Biotech and Biopharmaceutical companies to increase their bottom line, including business development and original healthcare web marketing development including FDA website compliance for laboratories and regenerative product manufacturers. Specialties since 2007 include national & international integrative medical technology feasibility path analysis, identification of marketing distribution portals, team building & Business Development.


business connector and muse

DISTINCTIVE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LLC presents first to market innovative medical solutions and technologies serving technology innovators, scientists, biopharmaceutical laboratories and medical providers, including go-to-market strategies.

The primary subsidiary, DISTINCTIVE BIOLOGICS features Regenerative Medicine practice implementation.   DISTINCTIVE MEDICAL TOURISM is the global medical tourism service in Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Suzuki has also served as consultant and Associate Producer to Senior Producer, Dr Elliott Haimoff, renown Cambridge PhD Documentarian, of GLOBAL SCIENCE PRODUCTIONS (GSP). In 2015, she initiated this inspirational consulting role and acted as Associate Producer & Technical Medical Advisor to a mini-series of Stem Cell Documentaries with Dr. Haimoff. GSP is in the process of producing six one hour documentary films for global distribution. The first documentary won Documentary of the year in Cannes at MIPCOM in October 2016. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Suzuki.


“The Hidden Dangers of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells” This one-hour TV documentary special deals with the current and future directions of stem cell therapy, and the new frontier of regenerative medicine.

“The Need For Patient Self-Advocacy” This film is airing on UFO TV, Amazon Prime and Hulu currently.

Innovative Web & Graphic Design


Award winning Graphic Artist Lon collaborates with Dr. Patricia Suzuki to offer contemporary and artistic websites and landing pages, logos and graphic design.

With over 20 years of experience in the graphic design industry in marketing strategies, web design, and corporate identity on all levels, Lon is an exquisite concept illustrator as well as medical graphic illustrator.  In the medical sector she specializes in the Regenerative Medicine industry and brings sometimes complex scientific concepts to life and understanding.

Arborvitae Biologics
Arborvitae Biologics
Pacific Stemcells
Pacific Stemcells
Regeneration Cell
Regeneration Cell

Additional Services

Training and Development


DMS provides state-of-the-art Regenerative Medicine trainings as well as minimally invasive plastic surgical training  by key opinion leaders and MD trainers in the field. Faculty CVs provided on request. These trainings occur in small groups or can be arranged in the providers office as a one on one.

The “Business of Regenerative Medicine” is also another very popular topic for these trainings and again occur in small groups or individually customized to a given practice.


These are just a few of Distinctive Medical Solutions current technology developmental projects.

https://arborvitaebiologics.com/   Chairman of Advisory Board:  Ongoing concept development, implementation and training as well as FDA Compliance support. Business solution support and Executive integration.  

Outsourcing partners:

www.fiscuscorp.com  Patient financing that is both patient and doctor friendly.

https://www.nitromedicine.com/ Revolutionary medicine that addresses previously deadly medical conditions through Translational Medicine.

http://globalscienceproductions.org/  Innovative science and medicine documentary and promo trailer production company.


Training Resources for Regenerative Medical providers:

http://www.worldstemcellsummit.com/  State of the Art Regenerative Medicine summit whos mission is “to accelerate Regenerative Medicine to improve health and deliver cures”.  It is a project of the nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Foundation.

http://www.perinatalstemcells.com/ This society organizes world-class scientific meetings in the Perinatal tissue Regenerative Medicine space. They are also forming an industry leadership group to develop voluntary standards for the industry to abide by in order to improve the quality through self-regulation.  

https://www.bostonbiolife.com/ Hands-On Stem Cell Therapies and Biologics Workshops.

http://www.distinctivemedical.solutions/ Individual and small group physician Regenerative Medicine training and practice implementation.

*Other projects in development include 4D printing as related to medicine and technology utilizing Nanobiophysis camcorder style clinical laboratory with close to real time results at a fraction of the cost*

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